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West Covina Filipino Restaurant



Aztig Grill is located in the Filipino community in West Covina, CA. (SoCal). The only Filipino restaurant in the area who serve breakfast & lunch buffet. We have at least 10 dishes to choose from. Please see pictures & details from the left navigation bar. And aside from that, please also browse into our Promo, dinner menu, catering order menu, private party reservation, happy hour & Friday/ Saturday fun night.

It is a one stop shop area, composing 2 big Filipino grocery, bakeries, beauty salons, balikbayan boxes drop off, money transfer remittance, travel ticket to the Philippines, native Filipino clothing & gift shop.

Filipino Definition of Aztig

Aztig derive from the slang word Astig, meaning Tough. In Filipino it means Tigas. At one point, it was a household joke and it refers as tiga-saing & tiga-luto.

Aztig Patio

We are currently renovating our patio. We’ll be having a grand giveaway when it is open!


Please check our social media accounts for current specials!

Pinoy Alternative Rock

Join us on 9.30.17 for Pinoy Alternative Rock with Glenn Jacinto, Mayday, From The Valley and Something Came Up.

Friday Laughter and Karaoke

Bo Carnation hosts our Friday nights!